I was keeping track of the number of Sheriff's Sales stopped, but I decided that this gave the wrong impression to viewers. An attorney should not be consulted as a matter of last resort. Instead an attorney should be consulted early in the process and the sooner an attorney is consulted the more likely a Homeowner will have a favorable result

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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Need to Be Represented by Counsel

If you read the amicus brief that I submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court, one thing that should become painfully obvious is the need to be represented by counsel.  The first proposition of law that I set forth essentially walks the reader through the five cases that have been certified as being in conflict.  To the typical person facing foreclosure, all five cases appear to raise the same question and answer it in a variety of ways.  However, to an attorney who is trained in Civil Procedure; in the various degrees of the burden of proof, the burden of production, and the rules of evidence the cases differ greatly based upon the evidence submitted and the procedural stage of each case.  It is your home, please hire a professional to assist you.

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